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The Faces of IA

Meet the family

Norm Laviolette

Co-founder & CEO

As the co-founder and CEO of Improv Asylum, IA innovation and Asylum Gaming and Esports (AGE), Norm brings the experience of building companies from the ground up into mult-million dollar businesses. Norm understands first-hand why culture is integral to long-term success and has built a team that exemplifies why communicating, listening and trusting are so important.

Norm is on a never-ending quest towards the continued development and expansion of Improv Asylum’s theatrical and IA innovation’s business divisions and leads Improv Asylum and IA Innovation’s strategic business and artistic vision locally, nationally and globally.

Bob Melley

Managing Director

Bob is the Managing Director for IA Innovation and is responsible for client relations, day to day operations and business development throughout Europe and the globe.

As a former EVP and COO of major revenue companies across the entertainment and technology industries, Bob brings a wealth of business development experience and knowledge.

Main Stage Cast

Kelly studied Theater at Suffolk University where she got her start with improv as a member of the Nationally Award winning troupe Seriously Bent. Kelly has performed at The PIT in NYC, taken classes with Upright Citizens Brigade, and is an alumnus of IA’s NXT cast and House Teams. She is thrilled to be back for another Mainstage revue! She would like to thank her father for being her rock, her sister for being beautiful, and her friends and roommates for creating the best family a gal could ask for. She dedicates this and all shows to her mother. Let it be.

Kelly Dooley

Erin is excited to join the Main Stage cast! Erin got her start doing improv at a summer camp when she was ten years old and from there she was on teams throughout high school and college. She enjoys a buttery croissant, hikes, and documentaries about cults. Grateful to be able to play pretend into adulthood, Erin is ecstatic to share the stage with her friends. Erin would like to thank her family and friends for providing emotional, physical, and financial support as she follows her dreams. She is humbled to be able to work with such a talented community of actors and directors and hopes that she can continue to fool them into keeping her around.

Erin Farrington

Alex is thrilled to be a part of the Main Stage cast. In addition to the weekends, he can be seen on Monday nights with resident House Team, Leather Gang. Alex is also a founding member of the Boston based indie group, Just Suspects. Other interests include customer service and paying rent. He would like to thank his friends and family for their continued support. Enjoy the show!

Alex Kagy

Joey Lopez was an Air Force Captain and alum of the Air Force Academy before he threw it all away to pursue entertainment full time. Joey would like to thank his babe of a wife, Siobhan, for putting up with his Lego addiction, feeding him, and her constant support of his comedy pipe dreams. A big thank you to his friends and family for coming to shows. Special thanks to Bill Connolly, Marty Johnson, Kiley Fitzgerald, Ryan McFarland, Teddy Myers, Jeremy Brothers, Tony Passafiume, and Ryan Bernier for putting Joey on stage with people far funnier than him. Joey is one sixteenth Mexican… Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Joey Lopez

John is so excited to be on the Mainstage! Really, it’s so much fun! You can also catch him on Sunday nights with the NXT cast, Tuesday nights with House Teams, Wednesdays with the Just Suspects, and any other night walking around with his dog. He got his start with Seriously Bent at Suffolk University, grew up in California, and served in the Coast Guard. Thanks to friends, family, and Woodrow Wilson.

John MacGregor

Ceara is stoked to be a member of the Main Stage cast! Ceara has also performed with Face Off and All-Access Improv across the river at Improv Boston. When she isn’t improvising, Ceara is usually eating barbecue chips or trolling the internet.

Ceara O’Sullivan